Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation can be a very tricky and rather dark art.

It involves staying right on the cutting edge of this ever changing process with a lot of hard work on site and off site in order to guarantee your page gets a top placement in search engines like Google.
There are many levels of SEO that can be done..

On Site:

Is the term given to all the secret and not so seret code tweaks and re designs that can be done on your existing web page or a new one.
It also involves using text content that is rich in key phrases that relate to your business or product.

Off Site:

Is the term given to everything else that is done on other sites in order to help make yours more powerful and easier for the major search engines to take notice of.
These include massive link campaigns where other sites will link to yours. This is very important and must be done properly.
The links should be on relevant sites (Relevant to your sites content) and they should be of reasonable or higher pagerank than yours if possible.
Article writing about your site on public forums.
We also submit your site to over 500 smaller search engines!
SEO if done properly is a very big and challenging job but we include a lot of SEO in our code for free in every NEW site we design!


Keyword Analysis:

comes first, and then- SEO and Traditional Marketing.
While marketers frequently miss out on optimizing sites for search engines with their design, copy, content, and campaigns, it is important that an SEO plan and a markting plan be fully compatible and working together. Frequently, SEO advice on traditional marketing involves minor tweeks based on keyword research and site traffic analysis. I make sure that all the latest SEO methods are also included in your web site's initial DESIGN!
For example, all images will have key phrases as alternate text in the background.Links will be descriptive and have alt text phrases that google will see.Meta tags and "behind the code" code, will have all key words etc built in.Content will be placed in the best areas of the site and some copy may be SLIGHTLY edited for better key phrase strength if needed.
Understanding what keywords your site should emphasize and how to use them in your off-site promotion is essential. Every link to your site offers what is called "link juice," which is an added SEO benefit derived from in-bound links. It is preferable to have sites use keywords as text anchors when linking to your site instead of your company name, your URL, or images. Remember it is extremely likely that there are more searches using the type of product or service which you provide than search queries with your company name. The more in-bound links your site has from sites with authority using keyword anchor text, the better your site will rank on the search engines. Sites also need to determine if it is strategic to target narrow long tail keywords or more broad short term keywords. Keyword analysis is a moving target as traffic, social trends, and return on investments (ROI) change and adapt. Sites should perform keyword analysis weekly or hire a SEO consultant to advise them on keyword strategy.

Competitor Analysis:

Sites like and provide excellent free analytical tools to check on how your competitors are faring. These sites also offer paid subscriptions to offer advanced analysis to keep track of traffic and keyword trends in your industry. Yahoo Site Explorer is an excellent resource for tracking of your competitor's backlinks and determining what directories or paid listings may be beneficial to join. Investigating your competitors and their sites thoroughly is an important part of your site's SEO plan.

Avoiding Duplicate Content:

Syndicating your content in other sites is an excellent way to promote your site and the relevant content you produce, but you have to be very careful to avoid any search engine penalties for duplicate content either on-site or off-site. We can help your site manage and organize content so that it is search engine friendly as well as available to be syndicated on other sites or blogs.

Local Search:

I submit your site to over 500 smaller search engines.!This quickly gives your site a lot more inbound links and "Pagerank" (a rating out of 10) power.You can look up "pagerank" in google if you want more information on how this helps your placement in the search engines.Basically the more relevant your site is to what you provide as a service, the more links you have TO your site from external places, the domain name itself should contain a keyword, and the age of the domain name - these all help add pagerank power to your site.
Optimizing your site for local search involves including your site in the correct directories and internet yellow pages. Google, Bing, and Yahoo will all allow companies to promote their site through local listings including the company address, company info, and hours of operation. An SEO plan should ensure that these listings are optimized correctly with the correct keywords. In addition, there exist literally hundreds of other avenues of local search that your SEO professional can advise you to get an optimized listing to increase local traffic to your site.

Web Directories:

A web directory is just a collection of related links. Typically the incoming traffic from web directories is very small, but there are SEO benefits to strategically placing your site on the key business directories for your site. Again, the proper descriptions, URLs, and keyword should all analyzed before making a web directory placement.

Vertical Search Engines:

A vertical search engine is search engine devoted to a certain industry or topic of online content. If your site is not listed in a verticial search engine that covers any of your keyword topics, then your site may be missing out on an excellent opportunity. Vertical search engines can come-and-go quickly so consult with a SEO expert oftern to determine which vertical search engines are most appropriate for your site.



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